task yourself: look at a mirror

… but wait! Stop!

Not like that.

A month or so ago, as I finished brushing my teeth, I stopped, as one does, to gaze at myself in the bathroom mirror. Nose scrunched and brow furrowed, I shook my head. And as I turned away, I thought,

When was the last time you looked in a mirror and DIDN’T look for a flaw?

And then I thought,

Have you ever?

Were you ever able to gaze at your reflection without judgement? Maybe at some point in childhood? What, after all, is the purpose of a mirror, if not to find and correct what’s wrong? Can a mirror have another purpose?

So, task yourself:

Look in the mirror, and —
or earnestly,
or saucily,
or boldly,
or confidently,
or sweetly,
but honestly
compliment yourself.

Start small. A tiny round mirror. Look only at one eye. A cheekbone. A wrist. A shoulder. Take it slow.



Bonus points for a full-length mirror.

Extra bonus points if you can stand stark naked and stare into that beautiful abyss.

Gods. Look at you. You’re fucking amazing.