Let’s color the moon

(but what IS the color of brokenheartedness?—

a desiccated gray?


SOME sickly hue).

Oh you showed THEM.

Didn’t you though?

You showed everyone,

(how I became an afterthought,

lower-case loved)

turned your back

(the hardest lessons repeat themselves)

and walked away.

Go Fish

… after ‘mastodons’ ‘however long it takes’ – funeral bonsai wedding …

Busy, rest.

Busy, rest.

Busy, rest.

Wistful, engaged.

All the fish in the sea, See?

(rapidly diminishing)

We go with the flow:

expect nothing,

wait for nothing,

choose nothing,

say nothing,


It is all around you.

It is coming from everywhere.

Stop watching for its return.


and See.


The goldfinch bathes.

The robins are singing vespers.

Here again, our evening rituals.

And there was love.

And there is love.

And there will be,

but stop.

Moment to moment.

I am not trying to trick you with words.

I cannot say what I mean.

I only want to tell you

how I was like water –

how I sat without waiting and watched as the light left –

how I was bathed in gray until I became something barely known or seen.

I only want you to know,


I was here.